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Tekni-Plex launches Tri-Vin aluminum/foam liners for wine closures

Tekni-Plex, Inc. has engineered a new laminated aluminum foil/foam barrier liner, available globally, to deliver performance, cost and environmental attributes for roll-on pilfer proof (ROPP) wine closures.

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Tekni-Plex introduces EdgePull induction seals with lower peel force for consumer convenience

A new tamper-evident, induction seal liner line, available globally, has been developed to provide food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, health and beauty aids and personal care products with protection and...

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Tri-Seal and Top-Seals are leading manufacturers of cap liners and seals (closure liners) for glass, metal and plastic containers. Our products ensure that the contents of our customer’s packages are secure from contamination, leakage, or loss of product efficacy. You’ll find our closure liners on millions of items throughout the world, in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, household/ industrial, and agro-chemical.

With four manufacturing plants located in the United States and Europe, we serve customers globally and offer the widest range of liner materials and services in the closure liner industry. Our high-speed press equipment can die-cut a variety of lining materials into disks, gaskets, and other customized shapes.

Tri-Seal and Top-Seals are the leading producers of sealing gaskets and pressure sensitive and induction seal closure liners, operating globally from 4 plants in the United States and Europe. We meet the needs of the pharmaceutical, medical, food and bio-processing industries.

Tri-Seal and Top-Seals are part of Tekni-Plex, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative packaging and tubing solutions for the world’s leading products.

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